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Audio Books

Each day I make my car a mobile University by listening to a Audiobook on my ride into and out of work.  Forty minutes stacked up every day, allows me to consume about a book per week.  Click below to be able to download two free books with trial membership.  I recommend picking up CEO Strength Coach with one.  



Podcast Hosting

Buzzsprout is by far my top choice for Podcast Hosting.  I have used a number of them, but they make it so easy to get started and maintain.  Even better is they have a number of free resources to help. 



Website Hosting

I have used Bluehost for years to host several different websites I have had.  It's one click integration with Wordpress makes it a no brainer.  They have incredible customer support and is one of the most if not the most affordable platforms on the market.  Click here to watch a video of me building a site for one of my coaches.  




Trello along with the "Getting Things Done System" has been the single best tool I have used to increase my productivity.  ​Check out this video on how I use Trello with my staff.  



Graphic Design

A photoshop alternative for Coaches.  I probably use Canva every single day both as a Coach and a Entrepreneur.  Canva has hundreds of templates you can use to make the process easy.  For advanced users, upgrade to Canva Pro so that you can store your Brand Identity.  

Disclaimer:  Recommendations may include affiliate links that help support Coach McKeefery at no cost to you.  

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