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CEO Strength Coach not only tells Ron’s story; it teaches you how to avoid the mistakes he has made and leads you through the trials he faced prior to being honored as a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach and named Under Armour Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. 


You will learn to become a TECHNICIAN in your field, why most coaches remain only technicians, how to become an effective MANAGER, and what it takes to be an ENTREPRENEUR in Strength and Conditioning. A detailed, step-by-step process is provided to ensure you don’t miss anything as you learn how to pursue a successful career. 


You will draw from his experiences in order to learn what it takes to not only be the best Strength and Conditioning Coach that you can possibly be; but you will also learn how to manage your time better, find room for a family life inside of a career that takes up more time than most, and how to ultimately be happy in all of the successes you achieve as a coach, no matter how big or small they may seem.



As Strength and Conditioning Coaches we all know that writing the workout is the easy part. Getting athletes to buy into the workout, the culture, and to you as a coach is what's hard. 

Through my years of coaching my favorite moments are those with the athletes before our after a lift, when we get the chance to talk with them about being a better human. Using stories to teach them life lessons that will help them to be the best athlete they can be, but more importantly lessons that will stick with them long after athletics. Stories that will inspire them to be the best version of themselves. 

Weight Room Wisdom is a collection of inspirational stories used by 99 of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the world. A combination of metaphorical, experiential, and personal stories they have used to inspire their athletes for years. This book is for any coach that aspires to make an impact in their athletes life. Those that strive to break up the monotony of typical coaching cliches with skilled storytelling.

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