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IGCT Episode #252: Andy McCloy "Lead With Your Heart"


Andy McCloy is the owner of BCI Sport Performance and Fitness. Over the last 18yrs BCI has supported well over 100 athletes who have gone on to attain college scholarships as well as 7 BCI trained athletes who have been drafted or made NFL rosters in the past 5yrs alone. BCI provides a wide range of services for athletes and general fitness clients alike and is committed to changing the face of health and athletics in their local community by way of their integrity based approach to the training process.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • How best to build a Performance Enhancement business.

  • Training Middle/Elementary school kids.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

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  • 48 laws of Power

  • Why Motivating People Doesn't Work And What Does.


  • Insight Timer

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  • Charlie Francis Board

  • Elitefts


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