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IGCT Episode #284: Taylor Johnson "Your Mind Is Your Money Maker"


Taylor is a unique mind when it comes to looking at all aspects of performance. He came from collegiate and professional sport, including the NFL SF 49ers, and has become laser-focused on utilizing his insights to create and support performance cultures from the ground up in gaming and esports. He took this energy and founded IPI (Innovative Performance Institute) with the vision to promote health and wellness to millions of people worldwide through esports. That included comprehensive initiatives for elite training, research, and education for 5 esports organizations, 15 professional teams, a developmental academy, as well as the creation of a revenue-generating business vertical.

Taylor has both a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Biology as well as certifications in strength and conditioning training, corrective exercise, nutrition, and sports performance. 


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • History of ESports and how Strength and Conditioning has a role.

  • His transition to a new environment.

  • What cognitive load is and how to train for it.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

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