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IGCT Episode #312: Joel Proskewitz “Eat Your Humble Pie”


Joel Proskewitz is the founder of PerformanceRx - a high performance, personal training and injury rehabilitation facility based in London, UK. Joel is also an executive member, master clinician and lead course instructor for Professor Stuart McGill’s Backfitpro Inc., specialising in low back rehabilitation. Joel has worked with Professor McGill for the past 13 years learning his approaches for assessment and performance training. He is the instructor for the McGill Assessment, High Performance and Back Mechanic courses. Along with this, Joel also teaches his own training course - Deconstructing the Squat and Deadlift. *Joel is a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan karate and is also a qualified international coach/instructor. *Mr Johannesburg Natural Bodybuilding Champion 2002 *He was one of the S&C coaches to the Olympic Heavyweight South African Rowing Pair (Bronze in Athens 2004) and also the strength coach to the South African National Karate Team. He qualified with the NSCA in 1996 and soon opened (with his business partner) the very first personal training gym in South Africa - he operated his business for 10 years before moving to the UK in 2006.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • Low back mechanics and strength training.

  • Relation of martial arts to coaching.

  • Can proper biomechanics reduce risk of injury.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

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