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Coaching Tree:

  • Adams, Nate (Former Player) - Wagner College (GA), Colorado (Intern)

  • Adelman, Henry (Former GA) - Tennessee (P/T Assistant)

  • Allen, Christian (Former Intern) - Stockton University (Head S&C)

  • Barnes, Tommy (Former Assistant) - US Military, Rice University (Asst S&C)

  • Barnett, Marty (Former Intern) - Rejoice HS (Head S&C), Moore (OK) High School (Head S&C)

  • Barr, Evan (Former Intern) - Western Carolina University (Head S&C)

  • Beiting, Jake (Former Intern) - Former Houston Astros MLB (Head S&C)

  • Bert, Brian (Former Intern) - University of North Florida (Head S&C)

  • Bixler, Tony (Former IPC) - Newberry College (Head S&C) Former Asst S&C, Chinese Olympic Committee (IPC)

  • Boyd, Kevin (Former Intern) - Former Philadelphia Eagles

  • Braam, Ashley (Former Intern) - Southern Illinois University (Asst)

  • Briones, Adrian (Former GA
) - Prairie View A&M (Head S&C), Deleware State (Head S&C)

  • Byron, Beth (Former Assistant
) - Ohio State (Asst S&C), Texas (Asst S&C) West Virginia University (Asst S&C)

  • Campa, Ruby (Former Intern) - William Penn University (GA)

  • Caralla, Lewis (Former Intern
) - Georgia Tech University (Head S&C), Buffalo (Head S&C), LA Lafayette (Head S&C), North Texas (Head S&C), Michigan (Asst)

    • Football Scoop Strength Coach of the Year (2018)​​

  • Carpenter, Tyler (Former GA) - University of Pittsburgh (Head S&C-Oly)

  • Carroll, Thomas - (Former Intern) - North Carolina Central University (Head S&C)

  • Carrone, Michelle (Former Intern) - Manhattanville College (Head S&C)

  • Cavlea, Dana (Former Intern) - Former New York Yankees (Head S&C)

  • Cecere, Chris (Former Intern) - Former Baltimore Orioles

  • Cintula, Dylan (Former Intern) - Anaheim Angels MLB, Louisiana Lafayette (Asst S&C) 

  • Cipriano, Paul (Former Intern) - Central Michigan (Asst S&C), FIU (Asst S&C)

  • Conaty, Sean (Former Intern) - Bufalo (Asst S&C), Eastern Michigan (Asst S&C), Christopher Newport (Asst S&C)

  • Cook, Zach (Former Intern) - Sioux Falls (Asst), Prairie View A&M University (Head S&C)

  • Costello, Ryan (Former Intern) - Former Louisiana Lafayette

  • Davis, Cadron (Former Intern) - Former Valdosta State University

  • Davis, Doug (Former Intern) - Purdue University  (RIP)

  • Davis, Frank (Former Intern/Player) - Oklahoma (Asst S&C), Arizona (Asst S&C)

  • Feeley, David (Former Intern) - University of Miami (Head S&C), Temple (Head S&C)

  • Ferrell, Kyle (Former Intern) - Former Notre Dame College (Head S&C)

  • Fink, Bryan (Former Assistant) - Eastern Michigan University (Co-Head S&C)

  • Flood, Ryan (Former Intern) - Cameron University (Head S&C)

  • Flores, Randy (Former Associate) - Los Angeles Lakers (S&C)

  • Geib, Grant (Former Intern) - Central Michigan University (Head S&C)

  • Gilman, Chris (Former Intern) - Former University of Pittsburgh

  • Girard, Jon  (Former GA) - University of Buffalo (Asst S&C) 

  • Gonzalez, James (Former Intern
) - Former New York Yankees MLB

  • Gorman, Dan (Former Intern) - Former University of Louisville

  • Guess, Lorenzo (Former Assistant
) - Michigan State University (Asst S&C)

  • Hale, Fred (Former Intern) - Eastern Michigan University (Co-Head S&C)

  • Harrison, Medgar (Former Asst) - Alabama State Univeristy (Head S&C), Bethune Cookman (Head S&C)

  • Hewett, Matt (Former Intern) - Tennessee Tech University (Head S&C)

  • Hickok, Marc (Former Intern & Asst) - University of Vermont (Co Director)

  • High, Aaron (Former Intern) - The Paideia School HS - Georgia  (Head S&C)

  • Hoeller Chris - (Former Intern) - Lakes Community (CA) High School

  • Hoffman, Mike (Former Intern) - Milwaukee Brewers MLB

  • Hughes, Dave (Former Intern) - Acadia University (Head S&C)

  • Hull, JC (Former Intern)
 - Lindenwood University (Head S&C)

  • Hullibarger, Alec (Former Player) - Duke (Asst S&C)

  • James, Angelo (Former Intern
) - Former Madison Academy (AL) HS, South Carolina (Asst), Mississippi State (Asst), Tennessee (Asst)

  • Jenkins, Dave (Former Intern) - Bettendorf (IA) High School (Head S&C)

  • Kaufman, Clare (Former GA) - Ohio State (Asst S&C) Temple University

  • Kazadi, Kaz (Former Asst) - SMU (Head S&C), Baylor (Head S&C)

    • ​Football Scoop Strength Coach of the Year (2012)

  • Kelly, John (Former Intern) - Asst Football Coach/S&C-Hillsborough (FL) HS

  • Kenoyer, Jacob (Former Intern) - Belmont University (GA)

  • Klingenberg, Jared (Former PC) - University of Southern California (Asst), San Jose State (Asst)

  • Krause, Eric (Former Assistant) - Florida Gulf Coast University (Asst S&C)

  • Larson, Ben (Former Intern
) - Auburn, Colorado State, Texas, Tennessee, La Tech, Northwestern State.  

  • Lange, Taylor (Former Intern) - Colorado Christian College (Head S&C)

  • Leal, Ernie (Former Intern) - State University of New York Geneseo (Head S&C)

  • Lopez, Dan - (Former Intern) - Ohio Northern University (Head S&C)

  • Lovan, Lucky - (Former Intern) - Middle Tennessee  (Asst S&C), Ottawa University (GA)

  • Manor, Amber (Former Intern
) - College of Charleston (Asst S&C)

  • Martin, Greg  (Former Intern) - USAF Special Operations (S&C)

  • Melanson, Bobby - (Former Intern)-Austin Peay State University (Asst S&C)

  • Millender, Derek (Former Intern) - Cleveland Cavaliers NBA (Head S&C)

  • Mize, Garrett (Former Intern) - Western Carolina University

  • Morrison, Mark (Former Assistant) - Hendrick Motor Sports (Head S&C)

  • Moyer, Todd (Former Intern) - Former Michigan State University

  • Murray, Jonathan (Former IPC) - Longwood University (Asst),  Cumberland College (Asst)​

  • Norcott, John (Former GA) - Southwestern University (Head S&C)

  • O'Neal, Patrick (Former Intern) - Former Tennessee

  • Oneid, Paul (Former Intern
) - 

  • Pichardo, Napoleon (Former Intern
) - Texas Rangers, MLB

  • Pompei, Andrew (Former Intern) - Former Portland State (Head S&C)

  • Quintero, Angel (Former Intern) - University of San Francisco (Asst S&C), Cleveland State (GA)

  • Rasbury, Andrew (Former Intern) - Former Boston Red Sox (Double AA)

  • Repp, Marshall (Former Intern) - Michigan State (MBB)

  • Revell, Glenn (Former Intern) - Central Catholic HS (Head S&C), East Central ISD (Head S&C), Southwestern U (Asst), West Virginia State University (Head S&C)

  • Roche, Stu (Former Intern) - Marquette University (Asst S&C)

  • Ronald, Chris (Former Intern) - UCLA (Asst S&C)

  • Rouse, Tony (Former Intern) - Anderson University (Head S&C)

  • Ruf, Chris (Former Intern
) - Baylor University (Asst S&C)

  • Sardine, Brandon (Former IPC) - Barton College

  • Schillim, Josh (Former Intern) - University of Saint Mary (Head S&C)

  • Schwager, Erik (Former Intern
) - Northwestern State (Head S&C), Newberry College (Head S&C)

  • Sims, Maurice (Former Intern) - Georgia (Asst S&C), North Carolina, Indiana University

  • Slachetka, Matt  (Former Assistant) - US Military, East Carolina University

  • Smith, Adam (Former Intern) - Los Angeles Angles (Triple AAA)

  • Smith, Chad (Former Intern) - South Alabama (Head S&C), Florida International University (Head S&C)

  • Smith, Taran (Former IPC) - Montverde Academy (FL) (Asst S&C)

  • Steinhauer, Levi- (Former IPC) - Cumberland University (Head S&C)

  • Stewart, Alex (Former Intern) - Northwestern (IN) HS (Head S&C)

  • Swope, Brett (Former Intern) - Former Spring Grove (PA) HS (Head S&C)

  • Synenkyj, Paul (Former Intern) - Cleveland Indians MLB

  • Taylor, Lee (Former GA/Asst) - Auburn (WBB), Tennessee (WBB; FB), Incarnate Ward (Head S&C).  

  • Terry, Jamal (Former Intern) - Georgia State University

  • Thiel, Justin (Former Intern) - University of Tampa (Head S&C)

  • Tolhurst, Art (Former Intern
) - Former Cleveland Browns

  • Truhitte, Connor (Former GA)  - Stanford (Asst)

  • Turner, Jake (Former Intern) - S&C Coordinator Lebanon (IN) High School, Saint Francis University (Asst)

  • Uhlir, Savannah (Former Intern) - Baylor University (P/T Assistant S&C)

  • Vargo, Cody (Former Intern) - Newberry College (Asst S&C) Wayne State University (GA) 

  • Vega, Daniel (Former Intern) - St Louis Cardinals (Double AA)  

  • Wadsworth, Chris (Former Asst) - Memphis University School HS-TN (Head S&C), McCallie HS-TN (Asst)

  • Ward, Andy (Former Director) - University of Colorado (Associate S&C)

  • Whalen, Stephen (Former Intern) - Former University of Texas

  • Williams, Caleb (Former Intern) - LaGrange College (Program Director) 

  • Wintrich, Frank (Former Assistant) - UCLA (Head S&C), Virginia (Head S&C), BYU (Head S&C), North Texas (Head S&C)

  • Wojtas, Ben (Former Intern) - Ann Arbor Pioneer (MI) High School (Head S&C)

    • 2020 NHSSCA Michigan Strength Coach of the Year​

  • Wyss, Christoph (Former IPC) - Red Bull Performance Center Austria, Carolina Hurricanes MHL, Anaheim Ducks, NHL​​​

  • Zakrajsek, Lauren (Former Intern) - Indiana State University (GA) ​


Coaches that have gone on to a career in Strength & Conditioning. 


Coaches that have gone on to become Head Strength Coaches at HS, College or Pro Level. 

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