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IGCT Episode #195: Corey Beasley - "Improve Your Craft"


Corey has been involved in the exercise world for 18 years. He has worked in small studios, corporate gyms, independent, as a gym owner and now online.

His website showcases strength coaches and programs for combat athletes, such as mma, bjj, wrestling, boxing, etc.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • Issues combat athletes face.

  • What a typical offseason looks like.

  • What a typical fight prep training camp looks like.

  • Tools he uses for ESD.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

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