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IGCT Episode #223: Fergus Connolly- "Game Changer"


Dr. Fergus Connolly is the Performance Director for University of Michigan Football. Prior to joining UM, Connolly spent two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers as Director of Elite Performance. Connolly has also worked as a performance consultant for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, New York Knicks, and multiple English Premier League, Australian Rules, and professional rugby teams. He also served as sports science director with the Welsh Rugby Union  and was strength and conditioning coach for the Bolton Wanderers FC.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • His book Game Changer.

  • The TTPP model and what is being done in each category.

  • What he thinks the staff model should be.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

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