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OT #4: Rett Larson "International Coach Investor"


Rett Larson is the strength coach for The Netherlands Women’s Volleyball team. Prior to moving to Holland, Rett was with the Gold Medal and World Cup winning Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, a role he took after spending his first four years in China as Project Manager for EXOS-China. There he worked with many of the Chinese Olympic teams including dozens of gold medalists in the London Games.

Prior to that role, Rett was with Velocity Sports Performance for 10 years and became the Director of Coaching at their headquarters in Newport Beach, CA. While at Velocity, he held various coaching and support positions and was able to work with many elite and professional athletes. Rett recently co-founded JUZPLAY, a Shanghai-based performance training company committed to developing China’s next generation of Olympians.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • His coaching journey and where his entrepreneur spirit came from.

  • Becoming an investor of goods and not just a consumer.

  • Why you should invest during bad times.

  • His personal strategy on investing.

  • How you can start investing.

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