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OT #6: Cris Resto "You Can Make Money And Coach"


Cris Resto is a Sports Branding and Marketing expert based in Los Angelos, California. When it comes to growing brands, Cris takes a true visionary approach – leveraging his vast network of relationships and experience to successfully scale brands from ideation to high levels of success.

Cris is currently the Co-Founder and President of Athlete Studio. Athlete Studio is a technology platform that assists athletes in monetizing their e-commerce, advertising, and cause driven campaigns. The platform was designed to help athletes build-out their digital brand by automating websites, content, social media graphics and newsletters.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • His entrepreneural journey .

  • What coaches should be learning from athletes pursuing Name, Image and Likeness rights.

  • The three things needed to establish your brand.

  • How you can leverage your community.

  • How to monetize your brand.

  • What are good verticals for coaches.

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